Point of Sales, Mobile Card Swipers, Gateways

Point of Sales Solutions

Whether you want to track inventory or transactions or transfer inventory from one location to another, we offer a host of various POS solutions to fit the needs of your business type.

E-Com Payment Gateways

We offer the best selection from the industry leaders in Payment Gateway technology such as; Authorize.net, USAEpay, NMI, Inovio, and a long list of others. 

Mobile Swipers

Lower rates for face to face transactions for card present customers and guranteed lower pricing than Square or Paypal for both swiping and Moto accounts.

Cashless ATMS for Dispensaries

Let us help your cash based business by allowing you the ability to offer the cashless atm pin debit terminal system. Perfect for MMJ Dispensaries and other business types looking to increase cash flow while reducing the risk of transporting physical cash.

Electronic Check Processing

This solution is perfect for wholesalers and B2B clients who process high volume transactions and want to reduce their trips to the banks. Transactions are cleared 3-4 times faster than most banks and the transaction costs are less than the cashless ATM option so many clients opt for both as alternates to provide their customers more options.

Have an existing POS or gateway and want lower rates and fees?

Are you already processing and interested in seeing what's possible regarding lower rates and fees? Give us 5-10 minutes of your time and we'll crunch the numbers and see how much lower of rates we can offer and integrate into your existing hardware so you don't have to spend more to pay less.